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Further details about the England U11 team trials can be obtained from

David Levens
01773 660269

Peter Purland
(0151 639 1797)

Balvinder Ahlualia.

England’s under 11 chess team

The England under 11 chess team includes some of the best players in the under 10 and under 11 age group. Naturally, you cannot simply turn up and join, you have to show the selectors you are good enough.

There are seven qualifying tournaments which count towards selection. Do well in at least two and you could be invited to the trials. Even if you have been nominated for the trials, these events are good preparation and you are strongly advised to play in at least two of them.

The England U11 trials is the final test. Success there means being able to join the England under 11 team. For each match, the England chess team is selected from that squad.

In detail


The 2017 EPSCA team trials will be held in April. To take part, you must have been 9 or 10 on 1st September 2016.

Being good enough at the qualifying tournaments

To show you are good enough for the England trials you need to score more points than you give away in at least two of the qualifying events. For example, scoring at least 3 points in a 5 round competition or 3½ points in a six round event.

The qualifying tournaments you can chose from are:

English U11 (Nottingham)
British Rapidplay (Halifax, West Yorkshire)
London (London)
EPSCA Rapidplay (Liverpool)
South of England (Camberley, Surrey)
West of England (Swindon, Wiltshire)

Each link explains where that event is held, how its organised and who to contact for more details or an entry form etc. (The menu in the top left corner also has the same links.).

Being nominated for the team trials

If you are 9 or 10 and play board one for your EPSCA under 11 chess team in their Inter-association championships, you can be nominated to play in the team trials. The player on board two might be nominated instead if the board one player is under 9. If the board one player was part of last year’s England team, they are automatically invited to a separate competition, and again board two may be nominated instead.

If you play board 1 for you EPSCA Inter-Association team, and then qualify again through the qualifying tournaments, your EPSCA association does not get a second nomination.

Trials for the England under 11 chess team

The England U11 chess team trials are held in April each year. You cannot ask for an entry form, have to be invited. As explained above, invitations are sent to players who were either nominated by their EPSCA association or were successful in the qualifying events.

The team trials involve 6 games, played over Saturday and Sunday. There are no byes, so you have to play every game.

Players who were part of last year’s England team and are still young enough to play go to a separate competition.

Junior Squad

Players in the Junior Squad can play for England in matches against countries such as Holland, Wales, and Flanders etc.

Depending on where you were born, or live, you can also be selected for regional teams:

For example, South East England, South West England, North England, The Midlands. There is also a Rest of England team who play against London.

National Junior Chess Squad

The National Junior Chess Squad includes players up to 18 years old.


Here are the six qualifying tournaments you can choose from. This season’s dates are included where known. The links on the left of this page also take you to the tournament pages.


15 and 16 October

English U11

12 November

British Rapidplay
U11 One day event section

28 to 30 December

U12 Major section


21 January

EPSCA Rapidplay
U11 Open section

28 and 29 January

South of England
(Camberley, Surrey)
U11 Championship section

18 and 19 February

West of England
(Swindon, Wiltshire)
U12 Major section

8 and 9 April

Junior Squad
(Wokefield Park)

2017 U11 team trials

22 and 23 April

England U11 Team Trial
(Liverpool college)
See below for details.


The EPSCA website



“EPSCA, the English Primary Schools’ Chess Association, exists to advance the education of primary school aged children by teaching, supervising and developing the playing of chess by those children.”

“EPSCA has another important role — that of selecting and running the England Under 11 and England Girls’ Under 11 teams.”

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