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18 October 2014

As you follow one of these games, you might think you can see a better move than the one played. If you drag and drop a piece, the board will be changed to show the results. If you want to, you can click the button to turn the board around and decide how the opponent might reply.

On this page, the computer will simply make sure that all the moves are legal. And if your game went better than the game listed here, well done.


To play through these games, your browser will need java enabled.

Junior Games room

This page will include games that players have submitted,
or games that we think you might be interested in.

On 4 October, 2014 seventeen young players from Bloxwich Junior Chess Club lined up to play a team comprising an former ECF President, county players and parents. The clocks were set to two hours for all moves. Here are fourteen of their games. One of the games does include an illegal move part way through, but has been included for your interest. When you find it, just click the first move and you can play through.

Well done to everyone who took part, and our thanks to Roger and Simon Edwards, the county players, parents and helpers who made sure the young players enjoyed the day.

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2012 John Littlemore prizewinning game
During the 2012 British Championships, Craig Whitfield won the John Littlemore prize for the best game by an under 18.

PGN of the prizewinning game

Andrew Johnson facing Joshua.  Both writing the move down

Nel Brown and Andrew Fenn, both focused on the game

Dylan writing his move down while Peter Turner focuses on the board

Shivam deciding his move while Matti Rehman looks at his scoresheet

Sarvesh deciding what to move

Rev. Roger Edwards moving a knight

2014 Generation Game
Here is a downloadable copy of the pgn file with games from the 2014 Generation game played at Bloxwich Junior.

PGN file of fourteen games

Photos from the 2014 Generation Game played in Bloxwich on 4 October 2014

Sarvesh and Roger Edwards focusing on their game just after the start

Wide view of all the games

David Blower thinking about his move while Anya waits

Bob Sarat thinking about his move while Joshua writes his move down

Jude playing yours truely

Close up view of Sarvesh playing Roger Edwards

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