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NYCA Championship rules 2012

The Tournament Director shall organise and take charge of the annual championships, or, in unusual circumstances, appoint a deputy to do either or both of these tasks for him.

The Tournament Director shall appoint for each event a chief arbiter, whose decision on all matters relating to the conduct of the games of chess shall be final. In all other matters relating to the conduct of the Championships, the Tournament Directorís decision shall be final.

The Tournament Director shall make use of whatever assistance is available to ensure the smooth running of the Championships.

The Annual Championships shall be held as four separate tournaments, each for a different age range, on two different dates.

The age ranges for the four tournaments shall be respectively under 18, under 16, under 14 and under 12 on September 1st previous to the date of the event, or as decided at the previous A.G.M.

All Championship competitions shall be held as a four round jamboree with 45 minutes on the clock for both players.

  • The Under 18 and Under 16 tournament shall involve teams of eight players.
  • The Under 14 and Under 12 tournaments shall involve teams of twelve players.

Entry to the Championships shall be open to any member association upon payment of the specified entry fee and registration fee.

Any member association may enter one, two or three teams, provided that the venue can accommodate them all. In the event of a restricted venue, all member associations may enter one team. The Tournament Director shall decide what additional teams may be allowed to enter. Second and third teams from the same member association will only be organised in a separate section if the number of teams warrants this.


  1. In all sections of all tournaments the winning team shall receive a trophy, to keep for one year, and all the playing team members shall be awarded an individual memento.
  2. In any section, if two or more teams tie to win, the trophy shall be shared and mementoes awarded to the members of all the winning teams.
  3. The Tournament Director shall decide what other prizes shall be awarded. This will depend upon the money available and thus the number of teams entering.
  4. Prizes will also be awarded to the best scoring player in each team. The Tournament Director shall use his discretion with ties.

  1. Member associations must make every effort to settle disputes before bringing the matter to the A.G.M. and may only do so with the approval of the officers of the Association. Any decision on boundary changes at the A.G.M. must be carried with a two thirds majority.
  2. Under no circumstances may a player represent more than one member association in the same season, except as provided in (c) and (d) below.
  3. If an association is not taking part in an event, players qualified for that association may play for any other association.
  4. Member associations who wish to select a player who is not qualified to play for them may only do so under the following conditions:
    1. The association the player is qualified for is not taking part.
    2. The association that the player is qualified for is taking part and has confirmed in writing, prior to the competition, that it gives its permission for its player to play for another association. In the latter case, a request to play an unqualified player must be made in writing to the Tournament Director at least seven days before the event and quoting the above permission to play. The Tournament Director has the right to refuse the request.
    3. The association that the player is qualified for is taking part and has not given its permission for its player to play for another association. N.Y.C.A. officials may give permission for the player to play in exceptional circumstances.
  1. 66% of the players representing a member association taking part in the championships must be qualified to play for that member association.
Each team shall submit to the Tournament Director a list of its players in order of playing strength. They shall play in this order throughout the event. A reserve may be substituted on any vacant board. The last published grades of all players should also be given, if known.

If there is no reserves tournament, reserves may substitute in any round on the bottom three boards in a twelve board team or bottom two boards in an eight board team. Any substitution must be notified to the Tournament Director and must receive his approval. If a reserves tournament takes place, the competitors in that tournament may request up to two half point byes in order that they may substitute in the main competition.

If a team fails to appear at the start of an event and has not given notice of its withdrawal, the clocks shall be started and the team defaulted after its time has run out. This shall apply in each round. Defaulted points shall count for the opponents.

If a team does not have the required number of players, it may borrow players from a team or teams with surplus players. Games played by borrowed players shall not count towards their adopted teamís match score.

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