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Tournaments that might interest you

Here is a selection of chess tournaments you might be interested in. Below are brief summaries. The links then take you to pages giving more details.

Staffordshire Junior Championships
The Staffordshire Junior Championships is a chess tournament created just for players like you. It’s held in September or October each year. It has sections for each age group from under 8 to under 18. You don’t have to live in Staffordshire, anyone can take part.

It starts about 9.00 in the morning and finishes about 5.00 in the afternoon. You should play 6 games of chess during the day and there are prizes and trophies for players like you to compete for. There are separate sections, so you only have to compete against players from your own age group.

Until 2009, this tournament was also called the Staffordshire Junior Congress.
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EPSCA Rapidplay
The EPSCA Rapidplay is a good competition for primary school children to take part in. It is a one day competition, held in Liverpool, in January each year. It has a section for novices and more advanced players in each age group from under 8, to 11.

UK Chess Challenge
The UK Chess Challenge is a very popular competition. It starts in your school or club, and ends with the national Terafinal. Everyone who takes part wins a prize. To help local players get involved,
here’s a guide.

National Team
Some tournaments count towards selection for the National Team. Take part in those tournaments and you can test your skills against the best players in your age group:

England Under 11 Team Trials

or the

National Chess Junior Squad
(age 11 to 18)

In Control

The person who looks after young chessplayers in Staffordshire is

Traci Whitfield

Email: Traci Whitfield
Tel: 01782 623361
(Before 9 pm please.)

Junior players welcome

Mrs Traci Whitfield,
Staffs Junior Chess,
21 Bankfield Grove,
Scot Hay,

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Please contact:

Traci Whitfield  and  Andrew Davies


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