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Traci Whitfield.

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UK Chess Challenge

The UK Chess Challenge begins with a competition at your school or club, and builds up to the national final where successful players find out who really is best.

The start is a school or club competition with prizes to make the event fun, but successful players will move on and be tested against each other. The first part of that test will be to play against similar players at county level. Those who succeed there will be invited to one of two national semi-finals and, ultimately, the final.

Schools and junior clubs
These begin in Spring term and players normally play one game each week. You get points after each game and can select prizes as your points total grows. The more you score, the better your prize. After the final game, those who have scored well enough are invited to the Megafinal.

The Megafinal is where successful players from school and clubs within a county or similar area play against each other. These are one day competitions, normally held between late April and early June. At your school or club you played games week by week, at the Megafinal you will play all your games in just one day. There are prizes for those who score enough points and trophies for winners. Players who score enough points are invited to a Gigafinal.

These are the national semi-finals where players who were successful at Megafinals compete against each other. There are two separate Gigafinals, held in July. Just like the Megafinal, each player will play all of their games in one day, but each Gigafinal is a two day event: This is done so that playes aged up to 10 play on one day and those over 10 the other day. Successful players will be invited to the Terafinal.

This is the national final where the very best players in the competition compete for national titles. It is held in August and players compete over two days.

Well done
if you took part in 2016, and
Good chess
if you are taking part in 2017.

If you would like more detail, let’s start by exploring what happens in Schools & clubs


Local Megafinals 2017


13 May (Saturday)
Held in Leek.


13 May (Saturday)
Held in Leicestershire.


14 May (Sunday)
Held in Hereford.


14 May (Sunday)
Held in Warwick.

Gigafinal 2017

Successful players from Megafinals in the Staffordshire area qualify for the Northern Gigafinal.

Northern Gigafinal

15 & 16 July
(Saturday and Sunday)
Held in Manchester

Southern Gigafinal

22 & 23 July
(Saturday and Sunday)
Held in Twickenham

Terafinal 2017

Finally, the best players in the competition reach the Terafinal. This is where the best players compete for national titles.

National Terafinal

12 & 13 August
(Saturday & Sunday)

Dates and details of all UK Chess Challenge events can be found on the
UK Chess Challenge website.

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Please contact:

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