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The Megafinal of the UK Chess Challenge


These pages are intended to help you understand what to expect if you’ve never taken part in the UK Chess Challenge before.

To encourage those in secondary school to continue playing chess, children in the Under 12 section and above automatically qualify for a Megafinal. This is new for 2017.

Those up to the Under 11 age-group have to qualify for the Megafinal. This is done by competing in a competition held either at school or a junior chess club. If you are not already familiar with how to qualify for the Megafinal, you may like to check the Schools & Clubs page.

The Megafinal

If you have qualified for the Megafinal, well done! If you haven’t reached the Megafinal yet, this is what happens when you get there.

In your school or club competition you played one game a week, so it could take a long time to find out if you qualified. At the Megafinal, all your games are played in just one day so you will know if you have qualified for the next stage before you go home. If you have been practicing and tried to learn from your mistakes, you should do well.

What happens?

Megafinals are held between late April and early June. You will normally play six games of chess and there is a break for refreshments after each game. You score
  • 1 point if you win,
  • ½ point if you draw, or
  • 0 points if you were beaten, or you didn’t play your game.

So who goes to the Gigafinal?

If you finished top in your age-group,

  • The top boy becomes the Supremo, and qualifies for the Gigafinal.
  • The top girl becomes the Suprema, and qualifies for the Gigafinal.

What if I don’t finish top in my age-group?

  • If you are in a section for players aged up to U11 and score at least 4 points, you qualify for the Gigafinal.
  • If you are in a section for players aged U12 or older and score at least 3½ points, you qualify for the Gigafinal.Gigafinal.

Successful players who take part in the Leek Megafinal qualify for the Northern Gigifinal.


There can only be one Supremo and Suprema in each age group. If there is a tie for first place after the end of the final round, the organisers use a tie-breaker to decide who receives the title.

  • If you win the tie-breaker, you receive the relevant title and qualify for the Gigafinal.
  • If you lose the tie-breaker, you only qualify for the Gigafinal if you scored at least 4 points. It is very disappointing to get this far and not qualify, but those are the rules.

What happens when I get to the Gigafinal and Terafinal?
Well, that’s another story!

Good chess!

Megafinal tie-breakers.

If you are part of the tie-breaker, the organisers will make a list of your total scores after each round of the Megafinal and add them together. The total is called your “Sum of progressive scores”. They do the same for all the players involved in the tie-breaker, giving each one their own “Sum of progressive scores”. The player with the highest total becomes the winner and receives the title Supremo or Suprema.

If there is still a tie for first place after using the “Sum of progressive scores”, the tied players will normally play one or more chess games to decide the winner.


Local Megafinals 2017


13 May (Saturday)
Held in Leek.


13 May (Saturday)
Held in Leicestershire.


14 May (Sunday)
Held in Hereford.


14 May (Sunday)
Held in Warwick.


Successful players from Megafinals in this area qualify for the Northern Gigafinal.

Northern Gigafinal 2017

15 & 16 July
(Saturday & Sunday)
Held in Manchester


The final stage is the Terafinal, where the best players compete for national titles.

National Terafinal 2017

12 & 13 August
(Saturday & Sunday)

Dates and details of all UK Chess Challenge events can be found on the
UK Chess Challenge website.

Age groups

The age groups in the UK Chess Challenge competition are:

Under 7, Under 8, Under 9, Under 10, Under 11, Under 12, Under 13, Under 14, Under 15, Under 16, Under 17 and Under 18.

For 2017, your age will be based on how old you are at midnight at the end of 31st August, 2016.

Chess clocks

In your school, you may or may not have used a chess clock. For games played in the Megafinal, Gigafinal and Terafinal of the UK Chess Challenge, you will normally be expected to use a chess clock.

They are very easy to use. If you haven’t used one before but want to practice, your school club or local club should be able to show you.

UK Challenge

The UK Chess Challenge website states that it is the largest chess competition in the world.

Full details about the tournament can be found on the UK Chess Challenge website.

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Please contact:

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